How does music help bipolar?

I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. How does music help? It really depends on the mood and whether I am listening or writing music. When I am depressed I will listen to jazz or the blues. Oddly listening to the blues cheers me up. Maybe hearing about all of BB King’s woman problems makes mineContinue reading “How does music help bipolar?”

How to Stop Thinking of Suicide

How you feel and what you do are two separate things. You can have the thoughts about suicide going through your mind, but you DO NOT have to follow through with them. You deserve to live. Make the decision to live. If you are in immediate danger and are thinking about suicide, then you can’tContinue reading “How to Stop Thinking of Suicide”

When I Want to Die, I read this letter

Love ❤️ letter to Bbqdad Dear Bbqdad, You are your best friend and you are awesome! A great dad that built memories with your children camping, soccer practices and chili 🌶 contests. E is your chili taster and C is your biggest fan. You are still their hero. Right now you are either outta controlContinue reading “When I Want to Die, I read this letter”

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