Burning burning love

I fooled around and fell in love SANTA AND ANGEL

ANGEL is from MOSCOW and is a MODEL.

We met at one of my concerts overseas. YES I played in Moscow. She is coming over in 2 weeks for a holiday and coffee….. wink… OMG

I’m falling in love with her.. I didn’t know at 58 it could happen to me. She is very friendly and we talk every morning and every night.

This could be the ONE…

resource: Are You On Your Meds?

Ground Control to Major Tom:

Are you on your meds?


Just charging the battery.


Are You On Your Meds?

Why would anyone be off their meds?

Why people stop meds:

  • Start feeling better
  • Side effects of meds
  • Can’t tell how we’re doing Think we’re fine
  • Fear lose ourselves to meds zombies
  • Money or cost of meds
  • Fear of dependence on psych meds
  • Lack of support or sense of shame


#manicmonday #bipolar420

tip: helping others helps ourselves by Bbqdad

This is what I do when I am wound up all in myself.

When I think I must be outta my mind
and find no peace.

Or think I’m useless.
So tell me, How Do I Leave Me?

The solution is to take a vacation from ourselves by helping others.

Helping others helps ourselves.

Because it feels good to love.